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Found on Pinterest on 7-20-15. Forgive yourself.....Positive Quotes.com on Betrayal.

Found on Pinterest on 7-20-15. Forgive yourself…..Positive Quotes.com on Betrayal.

Child of the day time

Where do you hide

When you feel fear

And you’re hurting inside?

Are you tired of wearing

The mask that others see?

Do you want acceptance

Being the “real me?”

What do you do

When you can’t get out?

And your mind is filled

With the seeds of doubt?

Who do you go to

When you’re filled with grief?

Who is there to cling to

When you need  relief?

Do you often pray

To the God above

To cover your heart

With His great Love?

One of these days

When you least expect

You’ll meet someone

Who won’t reject

The little girl who

Lives in you.