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I am reminded that a hero lies inside each of us every time I sit and talk to someone who is facing difficult challenges. We decide whether to set the hero free to do his job or we restrain him by setting up obstacles, or we refuse to act period in any way. In reality, not acting is a choice. We chose to remain passive out of fear. We are afraid of losing something if we shake up things as they are, so we do not act.  As a result, the hero stays hidden inside.

The older I get, I realize that every one fights demons and experiences pain at some point in their lives. It doesn’t matter whose loss or pain is the biggest or who has the most pain. The point is, we all experience failures, we all have moral decisions we have to sort out, and we all grieve for people we have lost, things that have been taken from us, and time we have wasted. Some people battle the unthinkable every day. Children endure child abuse or lose their parents, and they often deal with the ramifications from this for years. People battle cancer, go through torture, fight wars, and come home to battle PTSD symptoms. Some go through terrible betrayals from the very people they have learned to trust and depend on. Then there are some who fight deep depression daily, anxiety attacks weekly, and some struggle to walk into the next room.

What we need to do is honor the fight other people are making. We need to give respect to those fighting battles we know nothing about. This is best demonstrated by the following poem:

The inevitable.

Found on Google+ on 7-9-15. Jason Frye. Kona's Well.

Found on Google+ on 7-9-15. Jason Frye. Kona’s Well.

I like the man who faces what he must

With step triumphant and a heart of cheer;

Who fights the daily battle without fear,

Sees his hopes fail, yet keeps unfaltering trust

That God is God; that somehow, true and just

His plans work out for mortals; not a tear

Is shed when fortune, which the world holds dear,

Falls from his grasp; better, with love, a crust

Than living in dishonor; envies not, nor loses

Faith in man; but does his best

Nor ever mourns over his humbler lot,

But with a smile and words of hope, gives zest

To every toiler; he alone is great

Who by a life heroic conquers fate.

Sarah K. Bolton