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Found on Pinterest on7-3-15.parenting-allmomensta.

Found on Pinterest on7-3-15.parenting-allmomensta.

Little boy sitting alone in the grass

Just waiting for the years to pass.

Feels all alone with no one to care.

Feels life isn’t treating him, any way, fair.

He’s only five and thin as a rail.

He feels ashamed and knows he will fail

In finding a home and leaving this place

And disappearing without a trace.

All he wants is to matter to someone tonight,

To know that he’s going to be alright.

He wants a place where he can belong

And someone to put in his heart a song.

So he sits in the grass and hopes in his heart

That someone picks him right from the start

From all the boys that live in the Home.

He wants a place he can call his own.

God, if You’re there in the heavens above

Please send down your wonderful love.

Found on facebook timeline on 6-1-15.

Found on facebook.com  timeline on 6-1-15.

Bring hope and put it inside this boy.

Fill up his soul with the feeling of joy.