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Found on Pinterest on 6-13-15.

Found on Pinterest on 6-13-15. L.R. Knost.

It is important to remember that we all, adult or child, want people to care about us, especially when we feel we hurt someone or we feel like we’ve been bad as a child. It is common for the other person to ask for time out, time alone. The sad part is, when this is for too long a period of time, the message get’s sent that unless the child or adult does exactly what you want, you’ll abandon them physically or withdraw from them emotionally. This is certainly true when there is no discussion later to clarify that you will always love them but there are rules that need to be followed, or its the action that was taken you have issues with. It is always helpful to give information and feedback as soon as you can after the emotions have cooled down. Too many times, things happen that interfere with discussing the situation. The incidents are unresolved and the feelings pile up, causing anger and hurt. Let your children know you love them and are willing to talk about what happened.