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Found on Pinterest on 5-8-15. Max Lucado.

Found on Pinterest on 5-8-15. Max Lucado.

Step up and take the challenge

That God is offering you.

It takes skills and persistence

For you to see this through.

You’ll need the hand of God

To get you through the night

And all of His wisdom

For this to turn out right.

He’s there to help and guide you

When the process get’s tough.

You know you’re not a quitter.

God’s love will be enough.

Come build for her a safe place

To get her feelings out.

She needs a lot of feedback 

To erase the seeds of doubt,

She needs your compassion

And the skills that you can give

To help her  protect herself

And find new ways to live.

Arm yourself with courage

And remember she’s a child. 

Don’t be afraid to like her.

God wants her reconciled.

This process won’t be easy,

But you knew that from the start

When God brought her to you

And she gave you her heart.

Yu/stan/kema (8-3-14)