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Found on Google+ on 5-7-15. Colby Brown. Martin's Point Sunset, 2.

Found on Google+ on 5-7-15. Colby Brown. Martin’s Point Sunset, 2.

Throughout life, I have been fortunate in finding real friends. These are friends who love us no matter what. They come into our lives and everything becomes new. There is joy in these relationships. Our souls sing when they are around. These friends encourage us to think, to act, to be passionate about things. They open our eyes to the world around us and enlarge our hearts to make more room for compassion and kindness. They are able to soothe our hearts using one look, one word. When we are not responding or reacting in useful ways, they are able to come in gently, empathize with us, and lead us down the road to maturity. Spiritually, they share values we hold dearly. They pray for us and give us one more way to connect with God and our fellow-man. They seek to reconcile with us when conflicts arise. When we are with them, we feel a connection to God and we  both walk on holy ground. The following poem written by Vivian Yeiser Laramore says it all.     (yu/stan/kema).


Give me the love of friends, and I

Shall not complain of cloudy sky

Or little dreams that fade and die.

Give me the clasp of one firm hand,

The lips that say,”I understand,”

And I shall walk on holy land…

For fame and fortune burdens bring

And winter takes the rose of spring

But friendship is a God-like thing.

Vivian Yeiser Laramore.