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Found on Google+ on 4-29-15. Hauptwiler Weiher. HDR.  Remo Primatesta.

Found on Google+ on 4-29-15. Hauptwiler Weiher.  Remo Primatesta.

I believe we are here in this  world, in order to help make it a better place to live. It is our sacred legacy. Every act we commit can make  this a good place or a difficult place to be. The choice is ours. We are human beings and we will not always choose wisely. What is important, is that we try to choose well as many times as we can. There are things that distract us from doing this. Our focus needs to come back to making the world better. If we are committed, our children will benefit from our actions. The following poem says it all. It was written by Alfred Grant Walton.  Yu/stan/kema.


We make the world in which we live

By what we gather and what we give,

By our daily deeds and the things we say,

By what we keep or we cast away.

We make our world by the beauty we see

In a skylark’s song or a lilac tree,

In a butterfly’s wing, in the pale moon rise,

And the wonder that lingers in the midnight skies.

We make our world by the life we lead,

By the friends we have, by the books we read,

By the pity we show in the hour of care,

By the loads we lift and the love we share.

We make our world by the goals we pursue,

By the heights we seek and the higher view,

By hopes and dreams that reach the sun

And a will to fight till the heights are won.

What is the place in which we dwell,

A hut or a palace, a heaven, or hell?

We gather and scatter, we take and we give,

We make our world and there we live.

Alfred Grant Walton