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Found on Pinterest on 4-10-15.

Found on Pinterest on 4-10-15.

When I was just a young girl

I saw my mother die,

Not physically but mentally

Of things she hid inside.

I saw her face the heartaches

That years of living brought.

No one came to talk with her.

She wept and cried a lot.

I felt the nameless terrors

That stalked her night by night.

I stood in hopeless fury

And saw her lose the fight.

I cried the night they took her

And placed her in a cell.

A “mental institution,”

They said, ” would make her well.”

When I was just a young girl

They put me in a place

Where other homeless children

Had learned to say a grace

Which said, ” that God the Father

Would take me for His own.”

All I ever wanted

Was a place called HOME.

I lived for years in silence

Without a tender touch.

No one took the time to say,

” I love you very much.

I lived  those years in anger,

Such hopeless days with fear.

I often prayed to God I would

Not last another year.

I was so tired of living

In a world where no one shared.

They always seemed too busy

To show they even cared.

When I was just a young girl

I saw my childhood die…

Growing so much older

From things I hid inside.

Yu/stan/kema (written, age 14. )