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For Christ, being a good person was someone who loved his neighbor as he loved himself and forgave others. Being good also meant seeking to do the will of God. There are many who could give you different definitions on what being good is. This is mine.

When my son was in grade school, I told him that it didn’t matter to me what he wanted to do in life to make a living. As long as he liked what he did, and he worked hard at what he did,  it would be OK with me. He could be a cook, a gardener, a trash man, or a doctor. What did matter to me was whether he was a good person. That, I told him, mattered a lot to me.

I told him being good was: treating others with respect and kindness, forgiving others who hurt you, having integrity and keeping your word with others, providing and taking care of your family, honoring your faith and seeking to do the will of God, being a responsible and dependable worker, finding a purpose in life, giving back to the world, and contributing something worthwhile to society. Being good also means learning to be gentle with yourself, and making sure your needs get met when they are reasonable.

What would your definition be, ” of being good?”

Found on Pinterest on 5-17-15. www.iampoopsie.com.

Found on Pinterest on 5-17-15. http://www.iampoopsie.com.