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There are multiple reasons people write. One reason is finding out you were born to write because you’ve done it as soon as you could hold a pencil in your hand or a pen and you found to your delight, all your senses came alive. The smell of the ink, the way you write your letters, the feel of the paper, and the love of words that flow. They flow somewhere deep inside you like a river that can’t be held back. The writer has to write.

Some writers write because they have a mission or a message they want to share with the world. They write to educate, to awaken, to inspire others, or to explain what matters to them. They want to  share what they have learned, experienced, and what they have lived through that make them who they are.

Some writers write for pleasure. They enjoy the sound and the play of words. They get excited over quotations, dictionaries, libraries, bookstores, and reading the words of others. They often enjoy reading poetry, novels, and other written works. Words dance in their minds, and words touch their hearts and their souls.

Other writers write because they want to help others learn about life, experiences, and they want to help people find a way to resolve issues, make them aware they are not alone with what they are feeling. They want to give others tools to unlock the mystery of the past, or the present so they can find hope for the future. There are some who write to heal themselves.

I write for all these reasons. I like the poem below because it describes so much of what writing is like for me as well as others.


Found on Pinterest on 5-12-15. By C.R. Lamothe.

Found on Pinterest on 5-12-15. By C.R. Lamothe.