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I had a dream the other night

 That God sat on His throne.

He bent His head and spoke to me

With such a loving tone.

Found on Google+ on 3-4-15. Mary Rose

Found on Google+ on 3-4-15. Curiano.com

He said sometimes we just don’t know

The reasons  things occur.

But He is able to foresee

The big picture.

I sat by God and saw this child

That struggled to survive.

He seemed so sad and so alone,

Unloved and so deprived.

I saw a hundred other kids

Who had it just as bad.

I saw God wipe away a tear.

He looked so very sad.

Then He spoke about a plan

To make such children smile:

He sent a special woman down

To make their lives worth while.

I was astonished when I saw

The life that she would live.

He gave to her a mother’s love,

The power to forgive.

She gave a lot straight from her heart.

She wiped away their tears.

She guided lives with loving care

Through out their childhood years.

God knew she needed special skills,

A warm and gentle soul.

To mend broken hearts like these

And make the pieces whole.

And so He placed her in their lives 

And watched them grow, with pride.

Because He knew she took His love

and placed it inside

Every child she touched with care.

God’s love was passed along

Until His love was multiplied 

And it became a song.