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Looking over my life from almost seventy years of living , there are things I did I will never regret.  Here is a list of them:

1. I never regretted being married. I loved married life. I loved the giving, the sharing, having someone to help me if I needed help. I liked cooking, making a home, being a companion, and having a child together. It ended, but I would never erase that part of my life.

2. I never regretted having a child I loved with all of my heart. The best memories I have are during his childhood. I shared a lot of one-on-one time with him. I shared with him a love of books and knowledge, a love of writing, cooking, gardening, and a love for the outdoors. The memories I have from that time are priceless.

3. I never regretted having a job where I could enable others to problem solve, express their emotions, build good self-esteem, and communicate more effectively with their spouses, families, and work environments. It was exciting to watch people grow.

4. I never regretted buying a home and living in it more than thirty years. I enjoyed decorating it, getting to know my neighbors, and having space to raise my dogs. It has been my refuge, my strength in hard times. It is the first home I have ever known.

5. I never regretted making the friends I did. I loved them and I supported them. I was dependable and giving to them and they have given me much.

6. I never regretted getting my bachelor’s degree and my master’s degree. They enabled me to achieve my goals and make a decent living. I have continued my quest for knowledge and enjoy reading books, writing articles and poetry, and researching topics I am interested in.

7. I have never regretted getting my own personal counseling. It made me a better therapist, a loving mother, and a decent human being. It has been a way for me to grow emotionally, psychologically, socially, and spiritually. Each therapist has given me useful tools and insight.

8. I have never regretted giving to others. It gave me immeasurable joy and lit up my world.

9. I have never regretted living a simple life. It has enabled me to experience gratitude.

10. I have never regretted having a personal relationship with God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit. They have helped me through some pretty big storms in life. They give me the strength to go on.

This is an exercise you can do in looking back over the years. Your answers may surprise you.