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It is so easy to blame ourselves when we get disappointed by people. We accept at times that which needs to be owned by others. We do this because of low self-esteem, or we want to believe so much in someone else’s goodness that we dirty up our own image to protect what we want so much for them to be. We don’t do any one any favors when we do this. It is time to rip off all the bandages and let the truth air out into the light. It is time to recognize, who you are, with all your weaknesses and strengths, your gifts and achievements. Be proud that you are a good friend, a good mother, and a good person. You genuinely care about people. Be proud of yourself for the gifts you have given from the heart. Admire yourself for loving some with all your heart, for never being afraid to say I love you or I care. Be glad that you treat strangers with kindness and caring, and seek to bring beauty into the lives of those around you. It takes courage to own up and accept responsibility for your mistakes. Be proud that you are not afraid to grow. Most of all, accept the fact that you have been through hell  the last two years. Yet, you can still believe in love and want to share that love and still retain a close relationship with God. Be proud that you are somebody. Keep  learning ways to be kind to yourself.


Found on Pinterest on 5-3-15.

Found on Pinterest on 5-3-15. Written by Daniel Koepke.