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Found on Pinterest on 4-15-15. www.livelifehappy.

Found on Pinterest on 4-15-15. http://www.livelifehappy.com

It is never easy making important decisions that will affect one’s life. The heart is the place where love dwells. It can have an extremely powerful influence on the decisions we make in the future. Love is a positive emotion and throughout history we have told ourselves that love can conquer all things, and can overcome any obstacles. Our experiences  teach us the power of love can do many things, but sometimes circumstances exist that are beyond what we can overcome. The mind is the seat of wisdom and truth. Most of us love truth and we would rather hear the reality of what actually is instead of believing a lie. The problem is, love feels good. It can lift us up. It can convince us that we are powerful.  Sometimes love blinds us to the truth.

That is why God made the soul and made it more powerful. It trump’s the heart and the mind.. It is the seat of our value system and houses the ethics and morals we hold dear. The heart and the mind communicate with the soul, but ultimately, the soul needs to have the final say. The soul is what keeps us on the right path. The soul drives us to be the best we can possibly be, and the soul cherishes beauty, wisdom, truth, and love. The soul connects us to God. When we make a good decision, our soul experiences a knowing. Love will try to influence the decision-making process. The mind also tries to convince the soul by using logic and reason. We have to allow our soul to guide us. When we do not, things often do not go as planned.