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It never ceases to amaze me that very few people honor the commitments they make to family, friends, agencies, work sites, or customers they serve. We all have our priorities, but those we make commitments to should be on our priority list. To commit means to pledge to take action, to carry through on a promise we’ve made to someone else. We give our word and a person’s word should stand for something, honor. I once heard a woman ask another woman,” Why don’t you trust me after all this time?” The woman replied, ” Why can’t you keep any promise that you make?” The one has a lot to do with achieving the other. For someone to say, “I will support you in this decision. I will help you in the transition and change, and will do whatever is needed,” and then jump ship, is breaking a promise and endangers the trust that still remains. Too often promises are made and when the going gets tough and uncomfortable, we decide to change the rules. We cloak it as being good for the other person, but in reality, deep down inside us, we are doing it so we are not inconvenienced. We are doing it to serve our own needs.

Found on Pinterest on 4-1-15.

Found on Pinterest on 4-1-15.

Nothing angers me more than adults breaking promises they make to children. They seem to assume that children will not notice, because of their age, that they don’t matter. Ask any teacher, ask the children and they will tell you that they do notice, and they do get the message that you don’t care.

Sometimes we forget that a higher law supersedes the workplace. That is God’s law if we are  Christians-do no harm. There is always a way to respond and act with God’s love when the situation calls for it. Sometimes we use excuses to hide our inability or our desire to not do what would inconvenience us. We do not fool the people involved. We do not fool God either. It’s all a matter of priorities, a matter of principle, and honoring the religion we own. Commitments are the very fabric of our lives. If we are not honoring them, then we’ve got a lot of soul-searching to do.


Found on Google+ on 3-18-15. Purple lotus. Moyin Chaudhary.

Found on Google+ on 3-18-15. Purple lotus. Moyin Chaudhary. Beautiful Pictures.