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Life is never what you think it’s going to be. There are periods of magical and beautiful days filled with the music of your singing soul. I can attest to the fact that souls do sing and when they do, nothing in this world can match them in beauty. I can hear my soul sing when I feel a unique connection with God. I hear it when I gaze across the room and meet the eyes of a baby I do not know. I smile with a warmth that comes from within and the baby smiles back. We play peek-a-boo for a few minutes and the baby’s face fills with laughter. We share a moment of unbridled joy.

I can feel my soul sing when a little boy, I do not know, sits across from me in a waiting room. He strikes up a conversation with me and I am intrigued by his thoughts, his feelings about his world. I thank him for sharing as we rise to leave.

My soul sings when I read a good book or quotations that touches my heart and I am connected to something bigger than myself. I am able to touch someone else’s thoughts and feelings and often I feel I understand myself more and I understand them..

I feel my heart sing when I sit across the table from an old friend and we are able to discuss values, dreams that we have, and shared beliefs. I read in her eyes the joy of connecting with someone”who you really are” and feeling accepted by them.

I feel my soul sing when I gaze in the eyes of my dogs and I touch them in ways they love. I see the love and appreciation in their eyes.

Found on Google+ on 3-3-15. Jeff Sulivan, . Sunset-reflection-at-valley-view.

Found on Google+ on 3-3-15. Jeff Sullivan,
. Sunset-reflection-at-valley-view.

Most of all, I feel my soul sing when I see a beautiful sunset, or gaze in the heart of a flower, or touch the bark of my favorite tree, or hear a cardinal’s  bird call fill the air. My eyes fill with tears when I see his blazing red coat fly through the air. 

Simple, unexpected gifts that bless my world in unexpected ways from a God I cannot see. Yet I know He is near.