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Found on Google + on Oct. 26-2014.wolf.

Found on Google + on Oct. 26-2014.wolf. Sukhum Leelasiriworranon.

When I was very young, I received the Wolf as my Totem. I was already having dreams of wolves, and daydreams of running with them. I am attracted to pictures of the Wolf as my living room can attest to. For years I carried a wolf carved of stone in my pocket. When times got tough, I would rub and hold it. In my eyes, the stone held great power.

Wolves are loyal. They run in a pack. They are strong and cunning when attacked. They are known for their endurance and can run for miles. They are quiet when they hunt and can watch anything for hours. They strategically plan their attack. Wolves are known for their keen instincts, intelligence, their appetite for freedom, but they are also aware of needing to connect with others of their own kind. If they have a downside, it is they have trouble trusting anything,  and they are highly sensitive to feelings of threat. They are deeply attuned to their instincts and intuition. 

I am like a wolf in terms of loyalty. I am faithful to my friends and am responsible to those I have connections with. I am protective of my children and teach them life skills so they can survive in society. Although solitude is important to me in terms of renewal, I also realize connections with other people are necessary for happiness. I am intelligent, like the wolf, and plan out steps to take in order to succeed in life.  I am compassionate and generous with others. Wolves can be friendly with their kind and I am friendly with people. Like the wolf, I am guided by my intuition and instincts. I listen to those before thinking in making choices. I trust my instincts to guide me onto a better path. Like the wolf, I have difficulty trusting others and am sensitive to signs of danger in my environment. Wolves are good at communicating with others by touch, sound, body movements, and eye contact. I too am good at this when I want to be. I have a strong need for freedom. The wolf and I are very much alike. I honor my ancestors when I connect to my totem.


Maligne Lake Boat House .Rick Schwartz, photographer. Found on Google + on March 2,, 2015.

Maligne Lake Boat House. Rick Schwartz, photographer. Found on Google +. March 2, 2015.