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words of wisdom quote found on Google+ on 1-9-15.

words of wisdom quote found on Google+ on 1-9-15.

When I was a child, I  believed in the best inside of people. Others have called me naïve. This should have been impossible for me to  do. I had seen the very worst that one man could do to another, and I had to believe somewhere there existed good things and good people. I had to foster hope within my soul so I could continue moving forward into a future knowing something cleaner, finer waited for me. I have known some wonderful people over the years who have given to me in remarkable ways. I have also known people who were self-centered and abusive. But, I choose to focus on the positive in my life.

I have had good blessings come my way. I was given the opportunity to go to college and graduate school. I taught grade school for a while and  worked with children who have always had a very special place in my heart. I later worked with people in another vocation and I loved it. I was in a good marriage for many years and I had a son who was a joy to raise. I was blessed with good health most of my life. I believe  good things came my way because I had hope. I worked hard for it to happen. So I have found it does help to believe there is good in the world. Who wants to live with the alternative?