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Words of Wisdom quote found on 11-29-14 on Google +.

Words of Wisdom quote found on 11-29-14 on Google +.

Too often we go through life with blinders on. Beauty is all around us even in the winter time. There are glorious sunrises; snow finely covering the grass, and the trees; crisp cool air-filled with the scent of pine trees;  and fireplaces burning brightly with beautiful colored flames reflecting off of the logs.

Beauty speaks in the tender gaze of a loved one, in the safe hugs of someone who cares for us, and in the strong hand helping us crawl out of the darkness into blessed light. The delighted faces of dogs greet us coming home from work. The sweet smell of children and the sound of laughter hang in the air  while we sit at the kitchen table. Our mouths water with anticipation as the smells of supper enter into our noses. The feeling of home comforts us and soothes us as nothing else can do. So many precious moments we are given in our life time. How many of them do we foolishly lose because of our need for success, money, and  power? We must learn to grab these moments while we can because time does not stop for any one. This moment is all we’ve got.


Found on Google+ on Nov. 22, 2014. yellow_roses.

Found on Google+ on Nov. 20, 2014. yellow_roses. Jasmine White.