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This is a fascinating concept just to think about. For the first 50 years of my life, when I had money, I accumulated things that expressed who I was, what I liked. Having a career was important as well as raising a family. Clothes were important. I took my health for granted because I thought I would always be strong and have boundless energy. Things kept me so busy in those days that I was less apt to explore my inner world and spiritual self.

Wonderful nature and wildlife photo on Google+. Found on 2-10-15.

Wonderful nature and wildlife photo on Google+. Found on 2-10-15.

But when I entered my sixties, I downsized my house. I got rid of clothes and books I thought I would never part with. The older I got, the more I simplified my life. I care less about clothes, watching TV, going to the movies. I am adjusting to not having a job and being on a very limited income. I am interested in people to a greater degree, and connecting to them than at any other time in my life. I am more involved in creating things, reading what other people write and say. and I am writing more. I feel more than I think, love more, and enjoy the little things in life more deeply. I’ve always moved fast, doing a lot in the time I’ve allotted for tasks. I find myself wanting to slow down and smell the roses. I move a lot slower but that may be because of health problems. I see things more through the eyes of a child. My thoughts about God and my spiritual self have increased. It seems we are such interesting creatures as we grow older.