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Found on Pinterest on 1-07-15.

Found on Pinterest on 1-07-15.

Life is heaven

When somebody shares

His sorrows and secrets, 

His ambitions and cares.


Just two arms to hold us

And a smile to cheer;

Two lips to kiss us

Every night of the year.


Two hands to touch us

And two eyes to smile,

A voice that gets husky

And life is worth while.


One laugh to thrill us 

And a heart to endure

 The pain of heart-break

And be as mature


As one mind can be

Toward all that we meet,

To tell us to grow up

And still be as sweet


As when we are doing

All that we can

To honor all people

And take a firm stand.


One hand to lift us

And help us be great,

To search through our soul

And correct a mistake.


Two minds to think with,

And share every thought

And all the deep sorrows

That living has brought.


One soul to grow with

And worship our God,

To study His word

Without seeming odd.


Just one voice to answer

All the questions that come

And hear our solutions

And not think us dumb.


Just one soul to honor 

And some one who shares.

Life is heaven

When somebody cares.

Yu/stan/kema (age 33)