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Found on Pinterest on 12-28-14.

Found on Pinterest on 12-28-14.

A sense of purpose in life is one of the most important needs humanity has. It is what gets us up in the morning and what makes us keep going in life when every thing else goes wrong. It focuses our attention on what is important to us, what matters in the grand scheme of things. It helps us set priorities in our lives. It allocates where our energy, time, and money is spent. Each man’s purpose is usually different from the people around him.

When our value system or religion becomes attached to our purpose in life, it can become our mission in life, that which we feel deeply about. When it is a vision, it becomes a conceptualization of what we want it to look like over a span of time. It is important for us to have a sense of purpose because it lets us know how we fit in at work, home, church, or society. Each of us has a need to contribute something of value to the world or leave something behind to define us and our lives. We want to matter in the universe and make a difference by having lived. It gives our life routine and structure. It allows us to become creative and often it defines who we are as a person. When we know our purpose, we set goals for ourselves to help us decide whether we are accomplishing what we want to create with our lives. A sense of purpose brings joy to those who have it.

When we have no purpose in our lives, we are like a boat without a rudder. We lose our way and we don’t know what direction to turn. We make every thing a priority and do little. We have nothing to shoot for. We have nothing to set goals for. We are apt to feel unimportant, that we don’t matter to any one. When we lose our place in society, we lose our connection and place in the community. We begin to question our worth as people. This brings with it depression, anxiety, and sadness. A sense of purpose is vital for our survival and our happiness in life.