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When Trauma occurs, the mind becomes overwhelmed by what is happening and cannot process it and integrate it as it needs to be. Many times the consequences of trauma continues for years until it gets processed correctly. In order to handle the trauma, the victims may shut down thoughts and feelings as well as sensations in order to block it from their mind. Some are able to do this by sleeping, becoming apathetic, depressed, and using alcohol and drugs. They decide to stop experiencing life as we know it. They will isolate, cut off from others, and carry their pain inside them. They become quiet and non-interactive. They do this out of a need to protect themselves.

Some will cut off memory of the event and feelings and act as if it did not occur. They may even delegate a part of their mind to take care of the memory, sensations, and feelings. Others will try to cope with it with anger and rage, suicidal behavior, or become irritable and secretive with family members, friends. They may even act out because of inside pressure and do things they regret later like leave home to get away, get a divorce, etc. Triggers can set them off that remind them of the trauma.

These things are not done on purpose. Most of the behavior occurs when the person is triggered by something in their environment that reminds them of the trauma. They cannot deal with a flood of stimuli or multiple demands being made on them at the same time. At times, they crave silence and the quiet so they can breathe and try to find a moment of peace. They need the understanding from others, and they need to be given space when they want it. They need time to rest their weary minds, time to heal.

When they are ready to talk, they need someone to just listen. They need comfort when they cry, trust in them when they get angry. They need to know you care for them no matter what happened to them, and despite what they have done. They will push you away, try to drive you away with words in order to protect you and themselves. In trauma, the soul has been wounded. They will also need spiritual help as well as psychological help. Most of all, they need your compassion and your caring. They need to connect to people. The soul requires it in order to heal.  They will fight this, but it is the only way they can heal, but they need time to get there. Support groups can help. Writing about what is going on inside them and sharing it can be beneficial. Psychotherapy will help. Connecting with friends, family, and loved one’s will be useful. This will make healthy survival possible.