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Found on Google+ on 1-6-15. Words of Wisdom.

Found on Google+ on 1-6-15. Words of Wisdom.

 A Faith in God can help  when you have had a life filled with difficulties. Faith is a resource even in the good times. My faith started when I was a small child and found God in the outdoors. I went to Church throughout my life, but that’s not where I found Him. Too often churches preached non-acceptance of others, and focused on superficial things. I’ve seen a lot of infighting among members in a church. Frequently, time was spent putting different categories of people down and not finding ways to include the sick, the homeless, and  people from the poorer sections of town.

Love is sometimes hard to find in a church. I do enjoy singing hymns there.  That is a positive activity. I find God in giving  to others and helping people who need help. I find Him in the laughter of children, the smile of a friend, flowers that I buy or grow, and in creative activities such as writing, and making cards for others. I find Him in people I have deep conversations with, people I pray with, or share hugs with. I find Him in the words of others, the music I hear, and tears I see in the eyes of people who are hurting.

I often find God when I am lost and cannot find my way, and when I have tears I am unable to cry. I find Him when the hurt inside becomes too great to bear, and when the weight of the world becomes unendurable. I find Him when my illness brings the darkness of despair, and when past memories bring sorrow. I find  that God is always there, waiting and watching, and He can help us renew our spirits and give us the courage to survive another day.