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Found on Pinterest on 12-26-14.

Found on Pinterest on 12-26-14.

                                                                                                                                                            Life is full of ups and downs, monotony and excitement, joy    and sorrow, disappointments      and rewards, promises kept and promises broken, anguish and laughter, bounty and poverty,   trust and uncertainty, faith and doubt, love and rejection,   sunshine, and rain, and      weakness and strength. 

We are such complex creatures because we think thoughts and we experience feelings. We are capable of achieving great things or nothing in our lives. Our choices and our will decide what we actually do with the hours allotted to us. Perseverance, self-determination, and having a mission in life  all play a part as well.

Experiences we go through also have a great deal to do with what we end up achieving. Sometimes we are held back in our quest to fulfill  life’s journey by divorce, the betrayal of people we trust and love, illness, depression and anxiety, family, or financial problems. Sometimes we trust too much and we love too much. We end up getting our hearts  broken because we believe in people and their ability to be their best possible selves. We also have the tendency to become  blind to what is staring at us in front of our faces. We do this because deep down we need to believe in the goodness of the human heart and we ache for the approval of those we love. When we find rejection instead, it wounds us with a sharp blade and later finishes the job with a sword. Some have been hurt so much by past experiences , I suppose it is inevitable that a part of them would fall to the overwhelming feelings of shame and pain to become bitter, unable to believe again in the goodness of humanity.

Yet there are some of us that will roam around for a while in confusion and sadness until we can get our footing back. Some of these will isolate out of fear of being hurt again and others will reach out and seek love because they must. For inside them love burns with a small steady flame despite what happens in the outside world. They choose to believe. They choose love over hate. They know they need to love or they will lose some vital part of themselves.  We all ultimately choose whether to return hate with hate or return love when hated.