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Desert Sunrise.by Adriana Sanchez. California. Found on Google+ on 1-2-15.

Desert Sunrise.by Adriana Sánchez. California. Found on Google+ on 1-2-15.

When you are young, hurt can seem devastating.. You feel it in your gut, your body. But time has a way of making it better, for the young have their lives ahead of them and  they have jobs, youth, money. Their bodies are strong and they are able to use anger to propel them forward in their lives. Even though they feel pain, when it is all said and done, they still have hope that with time and youth on their side, any thing is possible for them.

But when the old are hurt, they know that time is running out and they no longer have youth as a reason for hope. They can see the changes right in front of them every time they look in the mirror. They know that time is ravaging them. They no longer have money or jobs to distract them and the abyss stands in front of them. Their resources are few and their physical endurance is not what it use to be. When someone hurts the old, the old  feel it in their hearts, their minds, their bodies and their souls. It hollows them out, destroys their self-esteem, and it overwhelms them because there is nothing left to distract them from the feelings or the losses they continue to experience. They carry their pain in front of them and it is devastating. It permeates into every cell of their bodies and lies like a boulder on top of their hearts. The quote below says it all.

Found on Pinterest on 1-5-15.

           Found on Pinterest on 1-5-15.