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I was driving down the street

A week or two ago

And saw a sad-eyed child

Sitting near the drifting snow. 

She had no coat or hat

To keep her body warm.

There was no sign of shelter

To protect her from the storm. 

She tried to bend her body

To huddle from the wind.

Her face was pinched with hunger,

 As she tried to pretend

that she was really waiting

For  another friend. 


I rolled down my window

To say a word or two.

I heard her clearly singing.

It was all that she could do 

To control the desperation

On her face that day

When she saw me turn the corner

And slowly drive away. 

I had a premonition,

Despite the words she said,

That this would end up badly

And she could end up dead.

I went back to find her.

I searched for her in vain. 

I went down the alleys

And called out my name.

I tried to remember

The words I heard her say 

As she tried to be brave

That cold, winter day.


“I’ve been on my own, now

I’m pretty strong you see.

I’ve been on the streets here

Since I turned three.” 

“I’ll not be a burden

To any one I know.

I’ve got too much pride

To ever let it show.” 

“You don’t need to worry.

I’m going to be OK..

I don’t need nobody

You don’t have to stay.” 


I drove by the next morning,

They said she died last night

When the temp dropped to twenty

Beneath  the pale moonlight.

Child -crying-sad-sorry-upset-depressed. Found on words of wisdom on 12-30-14.

Child -crying-sad-sorry-upset-depressed. Found on words of wisdom on 12-30-14.