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Found on itsa lovelylife.com on 12-28-14.

Found on itsalovelylife.com on 12-28-14.

The quote to the right is comforting because it reminds me that the mistakes I made yesterday are not forever. That when I allow  my hurt, to affect someone else who matters to me because of bitterness, I can learn from that and say, ” I am sorry. I was wrong, and please forgive me. “

I can learn to get up and admit my emotions get the best of me at times and I must learn to respect someone else’s differences the way I would like mine to be respected by someone else. I must learn and work on acceptance as a goal in my life. I must learn to believe truth when it is spoken to me and honor the one who has the courage to speak it. I can become responsible as a human being and get back on track. I must do my part of the task ahead. This is my goal for 2015.   Yu/stan/kema.

A True Relationship. Found on Pinterest on11-23-14.

A True Relationship. Found on Pinterest on 11-23-14.

It comforts me to know someone cares and accepts  my past failures and overlooks my fear when I am trying to learn self-acceptance. I am humbled by their kindness and commitment to support me in the present, and help me build hope for tomorrow. I am  blessed. Someone cares for me even in my  brokenness.