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Triberg. October 26,2014 on Google +

Triberg waterfall. Duffy. October 26, 2014 on Google +.

135 Bluebells.Fodrambler. on wordpress.com blog on 12-30-14.

135 Bluebells.Fodrambler. A Tramp in the Woods on wordpress.com blog on 12-14-14.

   A Thousand Camp Fires

The flames of a thousand camp fires

Burn within my heart

And the embers burn and smolder

As they lie apart.


The ache  from many a heartbreak

Slowly fades away.

Stars shine forth in numbers

In the twilight of the day.


The falling cascade of water

Soothes the weary ear.

The leaves, rocks, and twigs

Have known the flight of a deer.


The soft voice of the Whip-poor-will

Whispers in the night.

Flames from a thousand campfires

Give way to morning light.

  Yu/stan/kema (age 19)