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She walked along the great sea-shore

Of Life with head bowed low in shame

And wished that she could once again

Recall the pleasure of your name.

But all was dark and black as night

And waves smashed hard against the shore

As with bated breath she heard

The soft click of a closing door.

It sounded like a tomb had shut

So quietly that few could hear

The last slow labored breaths of pain

Before the heart beats disappear.

Like a person dazed with pain

Found on Google+on 12-30-14.

Found on Google+on 12-13-14. photo by Jorge Vasquez.

And weary with the weight of care,

She raised her eyes of agony

To clutch the emptiness of air.

You raised your hand with unconcern

And with one thrust the death-blow fell.

For her it was a living death!

Her soul drew back within it’s shell.