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Found on Pinterest on 12-28-14.

Found on Pinterest on 12-28-14.

Psychotherapy is such an intricate dance between two people: the client and the therapist. It is full of ups and downs when transference rears its powerful head in the therapy sessions. Emotions are triggered and come to the surface and often try to wreak havoc on the hard-earned good therapeutic relationship. A lot of the emotions come from trauma in the past surfacing in the present which seeks a release and expression. It is unpredictable and sometimes requires the therapist to react and respond quickly to what is happening emotionally, mentally, and physically with the client. This is not an easy task and the possibility of having problems is real. What helps is if the relationship between client and therapist has developed enough trust for both of them to ride it through. Sometimes it can be draining and exhausting for both involved, but when it is later discussed, explored, and processed, new insight is often gained and progress made. Sometimes the transference becomes so powerful, faces of perpetrators can be imposed onto  the face of the therapist and reactions and responses superimposed as well. The kind therapist can become cold, distant, and critical in the eyes of the client. It is a delicate balance to both allow emotion, and yet regulate it, and for the therapist to stay in control of the session. So much courage is needed and compassion, as well as the setting of boundaries in a 50 minute session. There is also the task of helping the client get to a safe place inside him or herself before leaving. Here is a poem that reflects the intensity of emotions that is often felt.

Anger runs


out of sight

And I….

Try so

Damn hard

To hold tight

To control

And find

It’s just an



I wish

I could be

More adept

At expressing


To get that

Feeling out

And destroy

All who have


Destroyed me.

But will that

In turn

Set me free

Or kill

All hope

And ruin

My destiny?