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Found on Words of Wisdom.com on 12-30-14.

Found on Words of Wisdom.com on 12-30-14.

You took what I gave and you hurled it

Far in the deepest sea.

You didn’t care as you did so,

What would happen to me.


You took a dream and you smashed it,

Never stopping to think

That a soul thirsting for water

Came there often to drink.


You turned my Spring to Autumn

And snatched the sun from the sky.

You took all I had to offer

And left, never telling me why.


You wanted freedom from sorrow.

You wanted freedom from care

Even if you stepped on people

In order to get there.


You said you were tired of fighting,

Tired of doing a thing

To stop the hurt you were causing,

To lessen the bearable sting.


Run from the life you have broken.

Run from the truth of yourself.

Lie like a stone in the river

And squander your hidden wealth.


Never dream of tomorrow.

Be useless during today.

Yet, never blame it on others

That nothing had come your way.