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Google +. Love-quotes.12-13-14. 13(2).

This poem is dedicated to all those clients in the mental health field who have experienced that the computer has become more important than the client in the time given to them, usually 15 minutes or less. New guidelines and regulations make it difficult for some Doctors, who are typing in information, to  even look at the client. The pressures put on them by insurance companies will end up changing the face of treatment. I am saddened by this happening at a time when clients are dealing with an increasing amount of stress and their needs often being left unmet.

Damn it!

Look at me!

I’m telling you

The truth.

Why can’t

You see

Inside I’m


To death.


You sit


To my pain

Using logic

Like a

Baseball bat.

Overwhelming me,

Not wanting to see

What I really need.

And this is

What you call