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I read your poetry today

Words expressing feelings,

Feelings that really

Have no words.

Found on www.itsalovelylife.com on 12-28-14.

Found on http://www.itsalovelylife.com on 12-28-14.

And I wept


I know

Those feelings well

And some how

You made me see

You are no God

Of stone,

But just like me:

Filled with hunger,

Warmed by love,

Touched by pain,

Hurt by need.


Tears fall

While reading

Your words

And I feel

I am one

with you,

Touched by you,

Warmed by you,

Filled with

Something close

Akin to love.

Love that comes

From knowing

Who you really are:

Not a role,

Not a mask,

But feelings.

Feelings that

Really have

No words.