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-(1) Found on Google+ on october26,2014. Words of Wisdom.

-(1) Found on Google+ on october,2014. Words of Wisdom.

       Those Who Care

We seem to appreciate others we barely know for doing  random acts of kindness towards us. Because it is unexpected, it gets our attention and we respond quickly. Yet those who interact with us daily or on an ongoing basis, such as family members or good friends, we   often fail to see the little ways they make our lives easier and we end up taking them for granted. Sometimes we even feel entitled to more than what we have been given. In some part of our mind, we tend to see them as parts of ourselves.

But they are not. They are separate from us and choose to give to us from their hearts. For them, a meal, a clean house, a well-kept yard, a word of comfort, a pat on the back is their way of saying,” I am here for you and I care.” One of the greatest gifts any one can give to another is to stay in our lives, and to make a commitment to enjoy the good times and bravely deal with the bad behavior we often perpetrate on those we take for granted. They work hard to accept the things that can’t be changed, and they make an effort to seriously work out the difficulties that can be resolved with those they care about. They deserve our thanks and our respect because deep down inside, if we remove the denial, we can see  we have our own weaknesses and days of selfishness. In the coming year, we can choose to make life sweeter for those who have given so freely to us from the heart.