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Half Moon Bay on the Rocks. Dec.14,14. Seen on Google+

Half Moon Bay on the Rocks. . Seen on Google+ on July 10,14. by Rick Schwartz.

Letting Go.

I find it amazing that the older I get the more I learn from books and those I come in contact with. When I watch others struggle and deal with events beyond what they can bear, and see them rise to new heights of courage, I am humbled and it gives me new hope in the human race. This usually happens when those who struggle learn to let go of the nonessential things in life. Perhaps because life becomes refined to its basic elements when the fires of hardship burn. What is left is: Friendship, Family, God, Nature, and Purpose. Jobs come and go. Money ebbs and flows, and sometimes disappears. Power and fame are transitory.

Love endures. Friends come and go, but the memories we have of them stay. even after they are dead or move away. We can carry their footprints in our hearts and souls, even when they are no longer with us. Family endures: sometimes with sadness, or anger, and often with joy. God also remains whether we want Him to or not. When we are angry with Him, or feel abandoned by Him, we still acknowledge He is there. When we are given to, we thank Him.

Nature exists. Nature reminds us of our place in the world, in the universe. Nature comforts us, teaches us, and sometimes, Nature hurt’s us.

Purpose drives us to reach heights beyond what we are capable of climbing. What will always exist in us is: a need to love and to be loved; a need to find God and be more like Him; a need to serve those who touch our lives, even for a moment in time; a need to grow in knowledge and wisdom.; a need to serve; a need to fulfill our purpose in this world; and a need to enjoy nature and become one with Her.