Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen. Photography by Peter Coskun. From Dubie Bacino's  photos on Google+ on 12-15-14.

Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen. Photography by Peter Coskun. From Dubie Bacino’s photos on Google+ on 12-15-14.

When I was  young, and I needed a place of refuge, I  had my favorite outdoor places I could walk to.  These hide-a-ways could set my imagination on fire and imbue me with such dreams of the future. In those days, sitting by the Arkansas river gave me joy as I daydreamed the day away. I could always interrupt my internal reveling by taking my socks and shoes off and wading into the water to look for minnows. Afterwards, I would walk home in the bright rays of the afternoon sun and fill my mouth with mulberries.  I found that all bad things can be forgotten when there is beauty to fill the soul with happiness. In later years, I would travel a lot to all the National Parks in the United States in order to store up images that would nourish my soul for the coming year. Now that I am older and less able to travel, I seek Google+ on the internet, to feed my troubled soul when I am in need of something to nourish my Spirit. I am always thankful for the photos I see and I like to call them “Gifts of the spirit.” I think photographers must find the need to renew their spirits as well. These wandering souls take on the hardships of nature in their eternal quest for beauty.

I find that flowers feed my soul. I like to grow them and watch them in all kinds of weather.  I smell roses wherever I can find them and I reverently touch the petals which are as soft as an angel’s wing. Their sweet smell takes me back to days of dappled sunlight and the sounds of children laughing. My son and I would walk through all kinds of flowers and bend down to examine each and every one. We knew God’s touch was on each flower and every color of a flower was a Gift from God.  In the winter you can find

Pink rose, PB211059. Y. Asakawa. Found on Google+ Nov.22,14.

Pink rose, PB211059. Y. Asakawa. Found on Google+ Nov.22,14—-                                                                                                                me in the flowers at the store. I often buy a rose to keep my soul renewed. Beauty gives me something that my spirit needs. In sorrow and in trauma, people tend to crave beauty: a piece of music, or the sound of geese flying north, the sight of butterflies resting  or a good book to read, babies  sleeping gently without making a peep, or the smile of a loved one that you hold close to you. To find beauty and to share beauty with others brings such happiness. Perhaps because beauty reminds us all that God is near and all is well.