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Dedicated to All the Abused Children Everywhere.

Child of the nighttime

Where do you go

When life becomes unbearable

Because of all you know?

Who is accountable

For all the damage done

To such a small child like you

After the setting sun?

Who is there to hear

The breaking of a heart

When trust is broken

And a world is torn apart?

Who is there to stop

The anguished cries that come

When a child becomes aware

There is no place to run?

Who is there to speak

On her behalf

As crimes are committed

In the presence of wrath?

Who is there to calm

The hitching of the breath

When all hope is lost

And the child faces death?

Who is there to wipe

The tears from her face

And hold her so gently

In a warm embrace?

Where is the anger

And where is the rage

14-1-alone-in-the-night. Found on Google+ 11-26-14

14-1-alone-in-the-night. Found on Google+ 11-26-14. By Mayur Darji.-

When a child is raped

And left in a daze?

Who dares to cut

And maim a child of seven

Who believes she has

The right to enter heaven?

Where was God

When all of this occurred?

There was a loss of innocence

And childhood deferred.

Why was she chosen

To endure all this pain?

Why was she given

The burden of this shame?

She tried so hard to please

The one’s who broke her heart.

They stole from her, her laughter

Right from the start.

How long must she endure

Bad memories of the past

Before she is able

To be free at last?

 – Written by Yu/stan/kema-