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I think this picture  is trying to tell us that doing good is not always easy or pleasant, but we are still instructed to do so despite the stress we may feel at the time.

Doing good when your budget is tight, or being with strangers or people  we have issues with because of age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation and other things we dislike, may cause us to become judgmental or uncomfortable in their presence. Examples would be helping those who are dirty or smell of alcohol, those who dress in a provocative way, or those who take drugs and have criminal records. This may give us pause long enough to start questioning who deserves our help the most. Jesus did not hesitate to help the leper, the man filled with demons, or the other women he came in contact with who were having sex outside of marriage. He did good wherever he went. It is also very difficult to do good for those who have hurt us and those we have not forgiven. Still, God tells us to forgive over and over.  Max Lucado summed it all up beautifully with the following quote:

” There are many reasons to help people in need. But for the Christian, none is higher than this: ‘When we love those in need, we are loving Jesus.’ The works of mercy are simple deeds. And yet in these simple deeds,, we serve Jesus.”

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