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The Choice Between Good and Evil

There was a time
When darkness came
And draped itself
In suffocating folds
Around a trembling soul.
It dimmed the light
And invoked the night
To cover up the need
Of one small child
For a stronger creed.
The darkness sought
To take away
The hope of joy
And love of play,
Of that sweet child
Of long ago
Who wanted love,
But was abused
And lost her faith
In all mankind,
While darkness smiled.

When fear was born
Inside her heart,
She built huge walls
Right from the start
To keep her in
And others out.
Was the key.
She saw what others
Could not see:
Death was knocking
At the door
And she knew she
Had to choose
Between the evil
And the good,
Or she would lose
Whatever she
Was looking for:
A chance to knock
On Heaven’s gate.