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14-1-cardinals.Nov.23,14. Found on Google+

14-1-cardinals.Nov.23,14. Found on Google+.

I  looked out my front window the other day and saw two cardinals in my front yard. One of them was a brilliant color of red. The other was less flashy in color. The colors of the bird’s body was very muted. I wondered why, at the time, the female was the less glamorous of the two. After all, she’s the one that keeps the flock of birds growing. The male bird has to be able to find her to court her. Upon further reflection, I decided her coloring helps to hide the nest she built and  she is able to forage for food for the little ones and make it back to the nest without being detected.

The male, however, is a brilliant red color whose coat can be seen by both friend and foe. God could have taken the time to make him subdued, but I think God knew that man needed such a bird to streak across the sky, red as fire, to remind us all the cost God paid, for our souls to fly free in the sunlight.

My heart soars when I see them perched on my front porch. I never forget to say a little thanks for I know they are a gift from “He who created all things both large and small.”