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Kinds of Therapy

When people feel the stress of everyday problems, the body seeks the release of tension for a while so it can rest. If cortisol levels remain high in the body, for months or years, it can lead to serious medical problems like strokes, heart attacks, immune related disorders, depression, and anxiety disorders. Relationship problems, substance abuse disorders, child abuse, and divorces are also  connected to high levels of unresolved stress. When we reach a critical point in our stress levels, we use a variety of methods to try to reduce strain and tension.

Each of us is unique in choosing our preferred method of therapy.  Some  people like to workout, run, or walk to release the level of cortisol in their bodies. Others may prefer to go to a massage therapist to remove tension in the body. Women may prefer to go to a salon or spa to reduce stress levels. Several other kinds of therapy include sports, drawing, painting, writing creatively, dancing, cooking, gardening, bird watching, reading for fun, and spending time with pets. Still others just like to immerse themselves in the great outdoors to reduce tension.

 While these kinds of therapy reduce stress levels temporarily, the underlying causes of the stress may not get addressed. We are sometimes blind to our own weaknesses and maladaptive ways of dealing with our feelings or our relationships with other people. Some times good mentally healthy relatives can help us problem solve or we have friends that will some times let us unload on them and ask for advice. Understanding and supportive spouses can also help us with resources and support. When these are not available, sometimes we need to be wise enough to ask when we need help. Some issues need an unbiased professional to step in and help us sort out the tangled up thoughts and emotions that drag us down.

This does not mean that people who need therapy are weak. Rather, it means they are intelligent people who listen to their innermost selves and act immediately when problems needs to be resolved. It takes courage to talk to someone about the good part of yourself as well as the not so good part. We all have things we hide from one another because of pride or other emotions residing inside of us. It takes strength and bravery to undergo therapy.