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One of the most important gifts I have received from God has been the gift of memory. The gift comes with both good and bad memories. Over time, I have learned that I can train myself to become more mindful of the good, and for a time, put the bad ones in a corner somewhere in my mind until I have the time and resources to deal properly with them. The secret lies in focusing on what can be dealt with today, and putting the others off to a future time when the chances of dealing with them are greater. God gives us the ability to remember, but the catch is both the good and the bad memories occur.  Sometimes, I think it is because He knew we learn valuable lessons from the bad memories which can help us grow emotionally and spiritually as human beings.

The world would be a lonely place without the gift of memory. Certain smells can bring up memories of fried chicken and how good it tasted to a child who was hungry. She couldn’t wait to sink her teeth into it. The memory of black diamond watermelon on a hot summer day, ice-cold lemonade sliding down a parched throat, and chocolate chip cookies baking on a cookie sheet make my mouth water even today.

My fondest memories are of my son as a little boy,sleeping peacefully in his bed at night with a ragged doll clutched in his tiny hand as his small mouth curved around a pacifier; standing with his feet apart with the most  mischievous smile on his face as he held one hand on his hip and the other hand pointing his second finger up, communicating to me no-no at the age of four; and hearing him  run out to the garden to see what new blossoms had come in the night for him to see in the morning light. Memories, both good and bad, and yet I am better off having them because of the joy they bring to my life and the lessons I have learned.