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 A Soldier’s Prayer

Speak to me

Sweet, Jesus:

Do you love me

When I’m weak?

When my soul

Is war-torn, weary

And I’m Just

Too tired to seek

Your strong hand

To pull me from

This foxhole I’m in.

Find my heart

Sweet Jesus.

Don’t leave me

Here to die

In this strange, ugly city

Without a reason why.

Speak to me, Lord.

Speak to me.

Cover me with

Your protection.

Send your angels

To guard my way.

Lead me out of

War’s destruction

And hear me

While I pray.

Speak to me, Lord.

Speak to me.

I hear your voice,

Sweet, Jesus.

I hear you

Speak to me.

I feel your touch

While dying.

You’ve come

To set me free.

God’s love is

All around me.

He rocks me

In His arms.

Sweet peace

Invades my spirit

And I am free

From harm.

Thanks to you, Lord.

Thanks to you.