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All things come from God and He created every thing. I imagine, as with all of us, He was proud of what He had created and had great expectations for those He breathed the breath of life into. We too have great expectations and dreams for the children we bring forth into the world. They, for the most part, have free will which becomes clear around the age of two and during their teen years. If we did a good job parenting them, they may develop the skills to make good decisions.

With the gift of life, we are given the ability to reason when we reach adolescence and with that gift we are also accountable for the time we spend on earth. What we do with the gifts we are given by God has great significance for our lives. I believe the greatest gift we can make back to God is to love one another and to give of our resources to feed the hungry, take care of the poor, and provide spiritual and emotional help for those who need a strong hand in order to navigate  the storms in their lives. The resources we can give to those who need help include things like clothing, food, shelter, transportation, and some times money. We can invite people into our homes and break bread with them, touch those who need comforting, listen intently  to their needs, and give counsel for those who are in need of our guidance,

Facebook -timeline-photo. 4-10-15. Author unknown

Facebook -timeline-photo. 4-10-15. Author unknown. Good Therapy.org

As human beings with a soul, they deserve our time and love.It may mean the next time we see someone struggling, we offer them help or a ride, or if we see someone crying in the bathroom of a store, we take the time to be with them in their hurt and let them know someone cares that  a heart is breaking. It may mean making a choice between making more money in a business endeavor or sharing resources so someone can get the help they need. Not only did God give us the gift of life, He allowed His son to be sacrificed so that we would have a path to eternal life. So seriously, maybe we do need to evaluate how we are using our lives and to make changes when necessary.

Sara Longfellow