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The subject of therapy is full of thoughts, feelings, and opinions depending upon the point of view of the person you talk to. The therapist has theories she uses in doing the therapy and she has a professional degree which influences what she does and how the therapy is done as well as what  she is allowed to do.

A therapist’s culture, religion, class, family, values, and life’s experiences usually play a part in what happens in the therapeutic encounter. There is also the factor of whether or not the therapist is dedicated to her work and is willing to put in the time and energy to be a good therapist. The most useful qualities a therapist possesses are the ability to communicate, to give and receive feedback, to negotiate, and have empathy for those she comes in contact with.

The successful therapist works with her client in setting goals, creating objectives to meet these goals, and evaluating the results of their work together. Good therapy relies on science, but it is an art, a creative endeavor in which two people come together and establish a sense of rapport, and engage in a dance of verbal and nonverbal communication. They learn to value and validate feelings within themselves in the process of therapy. They are both able to recognize the common humanity they both share and they learn to accept the strengths and weaknesses of one another.

The focus of therapy is the client and what is beneficial for his well-being physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. The most powerful tools the therapist has in creating change in the client is being genuine,  having a sense of humility, being able to enter his emotional world and find the courage to be with him in his pain and suffering, and having the strength to impart hope in a new future for the client once the grieving subsides.

In good therapy, both the client and therapist are given the opportunity to grow emotionally and spiritually if they are open and honest in their dealings with one another. Successful therapy is filled with moments of insight, the sharing of feelings and thoughts,  mistakes, tears, laughter, frustration, and joy. The therapist and client have to work together to make this happen.

Appropriate touch has the incredible power to heal the wounded heart  in therapy. Encouraging a client to tap into his faith or belief in something greater than himself can also increase healing. Caring is always present in good therapy. It is the ability to love the client as a unique human being worthy of attention and respect and recognizing all of us are a part of the human race and in need of help at one time or another.

Sara Longfellow (Yu/stan/kema)